Philadelphia Youth Regatta | July 21, 2018

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Coaches Coxswain meeting at 6:30 am.

REMINDER: All PYR events are 1500m Races with the exception of U14/Novice (1000m) and Dashes (500m).  The change from 2000m in years’ past to 1500 m is due to the volume of flights and anticipated high heat index.

Given the prediction of high temperatures expected for Saturday as well as volume of flights, our Chief Referee Mike Murphy has made the decision – with support from our PYR Organizing Committee – that all races will run at 1500m (with the exception of U14/Novice (1000m) and Dash (500m) events. Our reason involves the high (and frequent) tendency to experience “overlapping” races when running a full 2k on 5 minute centers.  Given the number of flights and variability in levels, the need to occassionally hold a race on the line to avoid 2-3 races on the course increases.  On an extremely hot day, doing so would have significant adverse impact to athletes waiting on the line or in the marshalling area. 

Preparation for Stakeboats and Starting Tower Platform

All  1500m races will start from stakeboats and Starting Platform.  Please, please, please ensure your athletes are prepared for this, have practiced the art of backing in and sculling around to get their points, etc.  The starting referees will assist as needed, but crews unable to lock ontime will not be allowed to race.  In the heat and with the packed schedule, we will not “hold” races.

Novice and U14 Events

You asked…and we listened.

Given numerous requests for Novice events, we have added flights for both Boys and Girls Singles and Quads for 2018. Similar to the Novice 4x event, the Novice 1x races will be 1000m.

We have also expanded U14 racing to include both Boys and Girls U14 4x’s as well as Boys/Girls/Mixed 8+.

DEFINITION OF A NOVICE.  For PYR 18, a Novice shall be any athlete who did not compete in a rowing race PRIOR to January 1. Please note that this excludes from the Novice category any sweep rower who raced prior to January 1 but is sculling for the first time this summer.  The Novice categories are intended for those athletes new to racing within this calendar year.  In addition, all U14 athletes may race in Novice events, regardless of prior experience.


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