Philadelphia Youth Regatta | July 22, 2017


All participating programs are required to “register” how their shells will arrive to PYR through their Regatta Central entries.  This is a new but important step that the the Schuylkill Navy has implemented for 2017 to allow for more effective control of traffic and limited space.

Trailers may arrive no earlier than 10:30 am on Friday, July 21nd.

Kelly Drive will not close from public morning traffic until after 6 am on Saturday, July 22.

Please follow all instructions given by the Trailer Managmenent Team and park between the orange cones, first filling those spaces closest to the Gillin (SJU/SJP) Boathouse.  No trailers should park on the grass, within the lot between the East Park Canoe House and Strawberry Mansion Bridge, or on the street without approval from the Trailer Management Team.

Tow vehicles cannot remain within the parking lot(s).  There is simply too little room, especially during this busy construction period.  Tow vehicles may park on Kelly Drive after it closes to the public on Saturday morning (approximately shortly after 6 am).

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